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Terms of Service

Yedioth Information Technologies, Ltd. (YIT) invites you to apply the information specified above to enable it to assess the compatibility of relevant projects for future colaboration. While an application is not mandatory, it should include all requested information to allow YIT to consider it thoroughly. The Applicants and those on their behalf Apply while wavering confidentiality with regards to any information integrated within. No Application shall restrict YIT (on its own or with any third party), from developing any similar and/or competitive Projects. Those who choose to apply shall do so based on their full consent and the consent of any other relevant third party who holds any rights with regards to the submitted information. Yit shall and/or might use the relevant submitted information according to its Privacy Policy. Applicants selection is based solely upon YIT’s discretion.YIT is not obliged to choose any specific number of offered Applicants.YIT will be able to approach Applicants for further information which it believes needed, for a decision making. YIT is under no obligation to respond to Applicants who were found incompatible for further collaboration. Collaboration offers on behalf of YIT shall be done on per case basis for each relevant chosen Applicant. YIT is under no obligation to offer the same set of services to all chosen Applicant .